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Here are several engineering projects on which I have worked or am currently working. If you're looking for engineering reference material about PC keyboards, embedded processors, and any of a number of things, it's in here.

Projects are listed most recent to oldest.

Project When Description
Hacking the AudioTron 2001 Photos, commentary, and speculation about the VTB AudioTron network MP3 device.
Hacking the Mackie 8bus mixers 2000 Pinouts and projects for the Mackie 8bus series of mixers.
TR-6006 Percussion Controller 2000 The TR-6006 is a vintage-styled pattern sequencer intended for MIDI drums and percussion.
Remote Shutter Release for DC290 2000 Describes how to construct a remote shutter release for the Kodak DC290 digital camera.
CAVE 1999-2003 Automotive MP3 player project. Like all good projects, never finished. Alternate, equally out-of-date site.
Network Appliance Mods 2000 Describes a series of modifications to a particular type of network appliance.
Primate 1999 Primate is a universal interface for APE/SIO2PC/1050-2-PC emulation software for emulating Atari 8-bit hardware. (This takes you to my domain)
Hacking the MOTU MTPII 1999 Hacking the MOTU MTPII onto a PC without the PC ISA card.
MIDIbrick 1999-present MIDIbrick is an 8051-based general purpose MIDI development platform.
HappyCart 1998-1999 HappyCart is an Atari 2600 cartridge emulator that can play 2K/4K/8K/16K games. (This takes you to my domain)
x0x 1998 x0x is a ADI DSP2181/68HC11-based hand-held sequencer/synthesizer.
DACS 1996-1997 The Distributed Audio Control System is an automated audio mixing, cueing and control system.
Speakers 1996 Loudspeaker construction projects.
SMSurround 1995 SMSurround is the predecessor to DACS, and was a simpler automated mixing and cueing system for theatre audio.
Robotics 1989-1993 A four year evolving project in which a complete robotic arm and vision system were created.
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AudioTron Hacking
Mackie 8bus Hacking
Remote Shutter
Network Appliance Mods
MTPII Hacking
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