The last three days, it has been warm (50deg), but there has been an 0.5 inch think layer of ice over _everything_. Cars, houses, fire hydrants, children, pets, gas pumps, etc. It makes driving very sketchy (black ice!), and filling the tank, driving's just a chore! Nevertheless, I trekked out to Boston last night to see Victory at Sea. They're the hottest in a new wave of a new type of music. The prototypical music has a band which consists of three parts, bass, drums, guitar. The guitarist sings, but so does the bassist a little, bit, too. The music is slow and bluesy, but very sparse. The words are, by requirement, depressing and ironic. They reflect, as well as confound, the extent misunderstandings of reality between male and female Americans. Good bands, like Barbaro, will throw in some surprise hide-behind-the-tree sections with groovy choruses that rock out. The music is a combination of blues, grunge, country-western, and could all be said to be reminiscent of Nirvana, Emo punk, and possibly the Velvet Underground. Some lyrics: "Pretty flowers Don't mean much to me.." -Victory at Sea "It's not easier for me, It's not harder for you." -Victory at Sea