Synthesizer Hacking

Not specifically musical, but beautiful hacking nevertheless...

Dissecting Voice Synthesizers

How to generate exactly the frequencies you want!

Elektron SPS-1 Hacking

The file format of the step mod explained!

Roland SP-808 Hacking

Cartidge Expansion spec, OS disassemblies, disk format, etc. Plus parameters and commands for the Ensoniq Mirage and Sysex implementation, and reverse-engineered schematics, etc.

Ensoniq Mirage Hacking

More technical info than you can believe about these synthesizers.

Ensoniq ESQ and SQ80 Hacking

All the technical info we can get on the Ensoniq ASR-X!!!

Ensoniq ASR-X Hacking

Technology Vulturing the MOTU MIDI Time Piece. An interesting page.

MOTU MTP2 Hacking

Modified, Enhanced Lexicon JamMan software!

Lexicon JamMan Hacking

Okay, not exactly hacking, but still extremely useful and hard-to-find info. Sysex and MIDI implementation for Korg Poly-800

Korg Poly-800 Hacking

Hacking the Peavey SP (Coming Soon!)

Peavey SP Hacking

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