Techno/Ambient...trippy sounds


Toneburst...a bunch of cool people...seen 'em play in downtown Boston, and also putting on fascinating, interesting parties...

I recommend checking out Electro Organic Sound System...


I don't think this has been officially released yet, but check it out anyway...a small collective of electronic musicians... As I type this, I am listening to them live...



This band is an electronic version of the Grateful Dead. You can listen to their music as you feel them take you through Space and Time when they gently oscillate between ambience and soft, flowing noise...Lots of original sounds, and ambient beats a la the Orb. Every time I play this CD, peoples' eyes light up like cute little chipmunks...


A terrific Stereolab homepage!

Lyrics, piccy's, translations, samples, bio info!


It's not easier for me,

It's not harder for you.

Victory at Sea

See the field creatures

Scurry out of killer caution

You tried to walk off with the pie

But you choked on my *#&@^$(* portion

Company Flow

Waiting women want to see

The southern cross at night

And so they set aside a sock

And tie their laces tight

Yet mournful are the melodies

That echo in their heads

Without a beat, they march along,

Believing Bach is dead.


Would a man in Los Angelos understand what a seagull is?

Would he know about the ants there in the grass?

Would the ants in the grass understand what his Volvo is?

Would they know you can buy Pepsi in aluminum or glass?


Oh my god, tons of pictures, and history, and interpretations, it's like everything you could ever want...

Les Pixies

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Pure Granulated Sound

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