Shifty's MIDI Web Toys

Hello, lucky travelers. This web page is a gateway to all of my MIDI toys that I've been working on in my spare time. They're not really documented, but you should be able to figure them out. Most have fields to fill out and a submit button. When you press Submit, a perl script using the module operates on the fields and generates a .mid file you can download and play through your sound card or out your MIDI interface, or up your ass for all I care.

I got the idea for my Web toys page from Tim Thompson, who has his own particular collection.

  • my first monophonic arpeggiation generator
  • duophonic arpegg gener.
  • triplephonic arp gen
  • luxury arpegg generator
  • Calculator Jazz

    A very cool-looking "ultimate" arpeggiator: Mendozadil's thingy

    These don't work yet:

  • Web-Based Mod Editor
  • MIDI Tuning Message Generator