Sinlut...Sinusoidal Lookup Table

Basically, a waveshaper, where the waveshaping function is defined by a series of 4 sinusoids. You control the volume and the phase of each sinusoid. Phase 0 isn't too much of a change. Phase 90 degrees gives some mild effects. Phase 180 is completely weird. Subjectively, it makes almost everything sound like it was synthesized using FM (!?) or you could just say it sounds like aliens who vibrate their finger rapdialy over their Adam's apple! Yours to explore.

Sound is very dependent on input level. This program was just kind of a test to see what it sounds like in general, so there is no oversampling, and therefore, a good degree of aliasing, especially with the higher order sinusoids, especially with high input volumes, especially with high-frequency input. You're modulating 4 FM signals here, people! BTW, don't set all the controls for maximum amplitude, or you'll overdrive the poor output!!

also, If people like this program as much as some of my others, then I will definitely keep developing it to reduce aliasing, so let me know!

See the "technical" section for the controller numbers.

Note: this is very weird, but this programmed compiled and ran correctly the first try! That never happens!


  • Demo on Classical Guitar

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  • Sinlut v0.1


  • Sin LUT Controller Numbers


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