Finally lets you hear the effects on an audio stream of AND'ing, OR'ing, or XOR'ing.

Version 2 adds the following functions: shift, multiply, and two ADD's, a fast and a slow one. It turns the ez-kit lite into a virtual machine emulator. The machine it emulates is a very simple CPU with only 8 different instructions.

Each instruction takes one parameter. The virtual program that you construct with MIDI controller messages can only be exactly 8 instructions long. After each iteration of the virtual program, the virtual machine writes the value in the accumulator to the EZ-Kit Lite's Digital to Analog Converter. The result is waveforms constructed of piecewise ramp, noise and exponential functions. Modifying the controls is HIGHLY UNINTUITIVE, unless you are a machine language program used to thinking in hexadecimal.

A typical program looks like this:

  • XOR 0x1f
  • OR 0x60
  • ADD 0x03

    What does it sound like? You might say it sounds like what certain M.A.M.E. games look like when they're booting up and the graphics controller cycles through patterns. Or you might say a crashed soundcard, a state machine run amok, or a codec data bus diagnostic.

    example audio

  • Demo #1 (3 minute demo, 5MB mp3)

    download software

  • ADSP-2181 EZ-Kit Lite Software (v0.1)
  • ADSP-2181 EZ-Kit Lite Software (v0.2)


  • Finally!! Controller Numbers

    GPL'd source code!

  • Finally v0.1 Source Code
  • Finally v0.2 Source Code


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