Shuttle SN45G

The system is an AthlonXP 3000+ with 1GB PC3200 RAM and a 120GB Seagate disk. Hello [H]ard|OCP readers!

The basic case, painted blue. The DVD-ROM drive is left unpainted because that's most likely to be replaced soon.
The grill on the right is there for an extra fan in order to give it a little more active airflow through the case.
Here's the window, revealing a mighty Radeon 9800 Pro card. The grill there covers a hole over the Radeon's chipset fan.
Note here the extra power supply connector on the upper right of the card. I was initially worried that the power supply of the SN45G wouldn't be strong enough to run the Radeon, but it appears to do just fine.
The back! Look, it's wireless! You can see the Shuttle's radiator clearly. I removed quite a lot of aluminum from the case there. I added the switch to the upper left of the back of the case.
I don't know why they make that big radiator and then cover most of it with metal. Putting a grill over it, or at least using a more widely-spaced mesh of some sort would make it much more effective.
Nice closeup of the video card and there, on the right, the two 512MB PC3200 DIMMs.
Oooh, it lights up!
Pretty! And there's a green LED in there somewhere, too.
Wanna sit across the table from me at the next LAN party?
Two four-inch tubes are mounted behind the window.
One is over the card, and one is mounted vertically toward the right here.
Plus, the extra-sexy light-up grill. To the upper right are the optical audio inputs and outputs. To the upper left is the switch for the lights.