Joe "Catfish" Provo's Growing World-Wide-Weirdness

I used to be disgusted
Now I try to be amused

-Elvis Costello

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Little-known Joe Provo Fact Number Twenty:
He gave David Rostcheck attitude for Yuletide/Christmas one year; Cannister followed along after that.

"Just as the sun never set on the British Empire, the moon never ceases to illumine US interference abroad."
--Tim Gill

I suggest checking out netcowboy, NOW!

Want more spew? Ready to help decide next TV season? Sit down and review the crimefighter plotlines.

And as a parting shot, meditate upon this classic Zen koan:

One evening, a disciple came upon a master by the inn.
The student approached the master, and said: "How can I make full awareness?"
The master replied: "What is the sunrise without the hand?"
At that, a beatific smile of Satori came across the seeker.