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Do you respect a world
Committing suicide?

-Skinny Puppy

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Not to be TORTURING me! I am YUN GUY! Motor Detective!

Well-known Joe Fact Number Fifteen:
He became an anarchist -in an instant- during the 1988 US election process.

"Many NANOG members have been around longer than most."
--Jim Fleming

Might I suggest visiting some nuts I know from school at the Beardodrome. and checking out the Montreal Biodome PenguinCam.

Want more spew? Let's watch some cartoons! Oh wait - now is time for the commercial interruption!

And as a parting shot, one of those insufferable Saturday Morning toy advertizements:

Retro Ninth Husband for Happy Fun Ball! 
From MegaTRONIX, Inc.! 
In stores now!