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I believe the mistake with greatest affect on the 'net was during the Great Renaming, when USENet's garbage was filed under "A". Did no-one think that news readers would sort alphabetically? This has caused newbie- (& press-) confusion on the nature and purpose of the 'net.(pre-http that is)

Rather Obvious Catfish Fact Number 7:
He produced MW Repertory Theatre's production of Neil Simon's Last of the Red Hot Lovers (1991). That was the first MW show to turn a profit; all were amazed.

"dd if=/dev/coffeepot of=/dev/mouth bs=1gulp ...or
cd /coffee; tar cf - . | (cd /me; tar xpf - )"
-- Larry Beaulieu

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And as a parting shot, today's Weekly World Spew headline:

Daily Planet Claims: ""I Chopped My Boss's Wife to Death With a Switchblade" -- Elvis Impersonator." Steve Richardson Laughs his Thyroid Gland Off.