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I often wonder what I'm worth
But I won't take shit from you or anyone

-Mission Of Burma

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Totally Random Catfish Provo Fact Number Fourteen:
He used to have a late-night radio show on WUVT in Blacksburg, Virginia. Unfortunately, it was on the AM side, not the FM station, but he subbed-in for FM folks from time to time.

"No I'm just saying it doesn't really count as boycotting Walmart if you just have your friends buy your groceries."
--Jon Kuperman (jkup@ on twiter)

I recommend checking out the Ian Heavens Memorial... before it is too late.

Want more spew? Here's a list of my latest video games.

And as a parting shot, today's Weekly World Spew headline:

World's Largest Whale Saves Kid From Fire.