Joe Provo's Unfolding World-Wide-Weirdness

When you carry the weight of too many yesterdays
You won't know enough to come in from the rain.

-Blake Babies

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Verbing nouns in general. It shows ignorance of the meaning of the noun.

Rather Obvious Joe Provo Fact Number Eight:
He has been jprovo at since 1990.

"A generalized email virus is technically impossible."
- Joe Provo

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And as a parting shot, a sample from the Weekly World Spew's concert, club and music classifieds:

Weekly World Spew
Concert, Club and Music Classifieds
You won't want to miss this evenings Farm AID!

The Punch-drunk Nausea
Angry Femmes
The Finger Poots
Pet Shop Depression
 . . . with Freakshow on the Second stage

Z.Z. Cop
 rippin' it up with ...
Beantown Space Music Factory

Monday April 30th -- LIVE at The Worcester Fashion Outlets
It's He Might Be Yellow
 .. with special guests The Spigot Orchestra

Tearing down the walls, "The Artist Formerly Known as Joe Provo"
Rich Tots on Nutrasweet
Grandfather Battle Axe
 and New Age Crusade