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Rude people.

Well-known JZP Fact Number Eight-Thousand and Ten:
His luck improves with every chain letter he sends to the recycling bin.

"For some people a "discussion" is like intercourse -- it requires friction."
- Joe Provo

Might I suggest visiting Free Rice to maintain your vocabular while funding the UN World Food Program... before it is too late.

Want more spew? Whatever you do, beware the Headless Cow!

And as a parting shot, the Weekly World Spew's movie theatre coming attractions:

   Just in time for Bastille Day!

   Based upon TRUE events...

  *** Forgotten Valley of the Devil Aliens from Ground Zero ***

   And don't miss Judy Resnick's last role in

   *** Secret Rites of the Abominable Schoolgirls ***

   BOTH Features Are Filmed in 3D!!!